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Apple Mac Pro 2 Xeon Q C 28ghz 8gb Nohd Superdrive 8600gt A1186 8 Core 2008 31 mac apple ghz mac - Apple Desktops On Sale


Shipping: $49.95

Location: Fort Collins, Colorado

Time Remaining: 17d 7h 53m


Product Description:

Welcome: Resellers, Bulk Buyers, and Experts! 2nd Chance Electronics offers wholesale quantities of quality-controlled computers and IT assets at competitive prices. We proudly promote detail-oriented manifests to retain transparency and high customer satisfaction. Our grading scales are honest and have been developed through a decade of experience in the refurbished IT industry. Thank you for supporting our small and sustainable business. SURPLUS & ULTRA-FAST QUAD CORE XEON MAC PRO:FRESH OFF LEASE, WITH FULL HARDWARE TESTING PERFORMED! TEST RESULTS: ALL TESTS PASS14-day hardware-only warranty included! GRADE B- (WILL HAVE SCRATCHING) We have other Mac Pros and Apple iMacs available. Please see our other listings. .NO OPERATING SYSTEM INSTALLED OR INCLUDED (Computer will boot to a grey screen, awaiting your OS) SORRY, NO TECHNICAL SUPPORT NO RETURNS PLEASE REVIEW: Manifest, all testing procedures, and warranty terms below, before purchasing. Specifications & Full Manifest:MAKE:AppleMODEL:Mac Pro (2008) 3,1CPU:2x Intel Xeon Quad Core 2.8GHz E5462 = 8 CORES TOTAL!RAM:8GB (8x1GB) DDR2 FB-DIMM ECCHARD DRIVE:NO HARD DRIVE 2 CADDIES INCLUDEDOPTICAL DRIVE:SuperDrive (DVD Burner)GRAPHICS:nVidia 8800GT 512MB $80 EBAY VALUE!!!COA STICKER:No OS Included or pre-installed. Buyer must install/provide their own OS/software.FORM FACTOR:WorkstationNOTES:Fully tested tower. Very clean and functionally flawless. Please notate physical condition...CONDITION:Grade B- Case will have moderate scratching/wear that does not affect the performance or reliability of the computer. Most wear is on the side of the computer, with less, if any, wear on the front/back. Item shown in photos is one of multiple desktops that we have available. It is to be used as an example, as it will not be the exact item that you will receive. Expect a similar condition computer to arrive. If you are unsure about purchasing a grade B- unit, contact us an we can send photos of the exact unit that you will receive if you purchase from us. We also have higher grade (B+) Mac Pros for sale... please see our other listings.WARRANTY:14 day hardware warranty included. Returns are not accepted for any reason. In the case of defects, we will offer replacement hardware once defective hardware is returned and verified to be original. We are a small business that cannot offer returns to customers if they change their mind. It costs lots to return products, therefor we do our best to ensure our buyer's satisfaction BEFORE they purchase our goods. Thank you for your interest/business. Feel free to contact us with any additional questions. Terms and Conditions Physical Condition Ratings: A+ New & unused condition. A Near-Flawless condition. Very little signs of use. As good as it gets for used equipment. A- Great condition. Similar to grade A, but with very minor imperfection(s) resulting in a near-perfect grade. B+ Very Good condition for a used computer. Small/shallow exterior scratches possible. Very light, if any, wear patterns on keyboards. Minimal, if any, minor paint blemishes or fading. B Average condition for a used computer. Small/shallow exterior scratches, paint blemishes or fading. Light wear patterns on keyboards. LCD panel may have very minor blemishes and/or a few light scratches. B- Below Average condition. Slightly more wear than average grade computers. Moderate exterior scratches or blemishes or fading may exist. Keyboards are more likely to show moderate to heavy wear. LCD panel may have minor blemishes and/or few scratches. C Heavily Worn or Physically Damaged condition. Heavy scratches and/or case damages, dents, fractures, or chips. LCD panel may have blemishes or scratches. This grade is more likely a result of physical abuse or excessive wear. Unique damages are likely to be noted in description. If applicable, more notes will be included in manifests to help buyers understand why the item received its grade. Shipping:We spare no expense for your package!All items are carefully packaged to ensure successful delivery.Local pickup is not offered. Delivery address must match the buyer's confirmed PayPal address.We will not ship wholesale lots outside of the United States. Payment:PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, American Express accepted.As per eBay policy, payments are required within 4 business days from the date of an auction's end.Colorado residents must pay appropriate sales taxes. Additional Terms/Conditions:Our surplus goods are targeted to IT experts and people with advanced computer hardware and software skills. If you are not comfortable with building/repairing computers, please do not purchase.We do not provide technical support as our products are surplus priced and targeted for IT technicians.Our cosmetic condition scale is an opinion based on our professional perceptions and may differ from your opinion. Please refer to the photos before bidding.Batteries are a consumable product and will not be guaranteed to hold specific charge times.Please do not assume that a part is included unless it is in the photos AND it is noted. Feel free to ask us.Most laptops develop play in the hinges after years of use. If hinge play is more excessive than average movement for a computer/model of the same age, we will note it. For a full list of our terms, conditions, and detailed testing procedures, please visit: InformationBefore you buy, be sure to ask us any questions. We are happy to help!Use the "Contact Seller" link at the top of this listing. (Responses within 48 hours)We are available by e-mail or phone. However, we cannot provide this contact information due to eBay policy. We recommend that you find our website for additional support.A quick google search for "2nd Chance Electronics" will also help you connect with us. Regular business hours: Monday - Friday9am-4pm MST Wholesale Buyers:Please take a minute to register for our inventory mailing list. Learn more about our products and sign-up here:

All returns accepted: ReturnsNotAccepted
Type: Laptop/Notebook
Country/Region of Manufacture: Unknown
Brand: Apple
MPN: A1186
Memory: 8GB
Bundle Listing: No
Hard Drive Capacity: Not Included
Processor Type: 2x Intel Xeon Quad Core (Octa/8-Core Total)
Product Family: Mac Pro
Release Year: 2008
Screen Size: None
Processor Speed: 2.8GHz
Operating System: Not Included
Storage Type: HDD (Hard Disk Drive)
GPU/Video Card: nVidia 8800GT 512mb
Serial Number: G88293EJXYL
UPC: Does not apply

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